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Career Options In Foreign Language

What career options are there in Foreign Languages for Indians

When you generally think about languages, you usually ask why people are showing so much interest in learning a foreign language? Well, It’s because knowing a foreign language can either open new career opportunities in your own country or you can start a career in foreign countries in an easier way. It is easier to immigrate to countries if you have knowledge and certifications in their language.

Do you know that there is plenty of job opportunity by learning foreign languages? Yeah, of course, there is, want to know what are those? Scroll down to know more



Multiple companies in India and many KPO/ BPO’s are working in providing translation services.

Are you eager to know the Top Companies where you can enjoy your career?

  • Tech Mahindra Ltd
  •  Bioclinca India Pvt Ltd.
  • Dynpro India Pvt Ltd
  •  eSense Learning Pvt Ltd
  • Behr-Hella Thermocontrol India Pvt Ltd
  • Sopra Steria India Ltd
  •  Best Golden Developers Private Limited
  •  Sunwoda Electronic India Private Limited

You could be translating text content or audio content. A lot of translation work is out sourced to India. The work can get very interesting as you would be reading and getting exposed to tons of interesting content, both technical and non-technical.



The interpreter is similar to translator but here you have to speak by translating the words spoken from one language into another language.

Where can you work as an Interpreter?

Your jobs will be appointed as an interpreter in these sectors…

  • International Organizations
  • Private Business  
  • Military Services
  • Health Services
  • Various Courts
  • Other Public Services.

There are two ways of translating spoken  words

  •   Simultaneous interpreter _ where you will be speaking along with him
  •  A consecutive interpreter _ where you wait for the speaker to stop before translating.

Interpreting is a highly skilled job, as it is important to quickly express along with emotion.

Language Teacher


If you have an ambition is to work as a teacher in public schools or in private language school in the foreign country, then you definitely need to learn language depending on the country you select.

“Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world”

You will be needing a teaching qualification or experience in that language which varies by different country…

There are many areas where language skills are used to an enormous advantage.


Turing Guide

I guess you know that tourism is one of the world’s rapidly growing industries.

What will be your duty in this field? Keep Going on…

There are many duties in this field like guiding people (which u will definitely be knowing), collecting information by data analytics of how many people and from which country or state or places they come from to visit the spots etc…

since by knowing a foreign language you can say the popular about your place to other persons plus he will be interested and comfortable to know more in this own language for the understanding purpose.

India is a tourism hub and has tons of foreign tourists flying in every year. You could travel the length and breadth of this beautiful country.

International organizations


There are a lot of MNC (Multinational companies) in Indian in the IT, manufacturing and other fields who deal with foreign customers or teams. They are in constant need of resources who can communicate in their language to have better communication and understanding. This makes Japanese, Chinese, German in high demand in India.



If you run a business like import & export Trading and act as a buyer or seller to an International clientele, your language skills allow you to more interaction which helps you in growing and increase your business strategy with them.

The importance of speaking in knowing Foreign Languages …

  • A Business tactic to increase the conversion and interest of the customers and
  • It will be useful in any industry where goods or services need to cross the International border.

Enjoy your Life by starting a  Career by knowing the excellent opportunity which is very nearer to your door by learning the language in the simplest ways…

Career Options In Foreign Language [Conclusion]

As an Indian with knowledge of some foreign language, you have many bright and high paying career opportunities.

1. Opportunity to migrate easily to other countries

2. Translator

3. Interpreter

4. In Tourism Business

5. Language Teacher

6. International Organizations

7. Retail and Trade

Want to learn Languages ?