Importance of Languages for getting Jobs

Jobs with languages and its skills are in demand and can be used in almost any career, particularly within businesses that trade internationally. More you familiar with languages more are your demands. Language degrees can open up opportunities in areas that you may never even have thought to look.

Jobs with Languages

Job options available 

  • Interpreter

Interpreting is a tiny career area, which is difficult to break into on a full-time basis. Employers include international organizations.

  • Teaching

Teaching may involve teaching the language you have studied to speakers of English, in schools or in further/higher education, or teaching English to speakers of other foreign languages like german.

  • Translator

Translating is often of technical is more likely to require further study. Many translators work on a freelance basis. Organizations employing staff translators include the European institutions (a knowledge of three EU languages is required here).

  • Linguistics

Linguistics is the scientific study of language. Linguists study the nature and characteristics of human language.

Major employers sector

That is language graduates work for a huge variety of employers and sectors, including:

Finance – A bank, insurance companies operate on an international basis and give opportunities to work with foreign clients from the UK and overseas offices.

Transport and Tourism – Freight distribution, air and sea transport, hotel management, travel agency work, courier/tour guide

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) –   Knowledge of the language where you are working is useful for day-to-day living, but the biggest demand for EFL teachers comes from countries such as China and Russia where few graduates will have studied their language at university.

Subtitles and Voice-oversIf we are able to speak properly and write well in another language then we are perfect fit for the television and movie industries. With a language degree, we can write subtitles or doing voice-overs for films, documentaries and series.